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Kylie Dobrowolski

Member ATMS (Remedial Massage)

Member ACA (Counselling)

Member YA (Yoga)

Kylie has excelled in a long career as a massage therapist, rejuvenating clients throughout the blue mountains region in her self-started clinic since 1994. She brings a background in person centred counselling which offers a unique, individualistic session to suit each clients' personal needs. She now broadens her parameters  by offering small group yoga therapy and PTSD sensitive yoga classes within the blue mountains.

Coronavirus Update

Due to the recent Covid-19 guidelines I will be holding 3 classes online using Zoom, both incorporating yoga and movement with a restorative feel. Each class will run for 60 minute and will cost $15.

Classes will run from:

Monday 6pm - 7pm 

Wednesday 9am - 10am

Thursday 8.30am - 9.30am

At the time of appointment please log onto Zoom on the service page. 


Contact Me


12b Ross Street Glenbrook 2773

PH: 0435013875

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